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Indulging in the Raging Trend of Feather Extensions

Many women shy away from experimenting with feather extensions simply because they fear it to be a trend that is not classy or elegant. This belief may have been true decades ago when feather hair was a relatively new trend, but over the years, it has emerged as a powerful statement that has been celebrated by many movements in history, including the free-spirited nomads, the hippies of the 70s, and modern bohemian cultures across the world.

Today, feather extensions enjoy the status of being a universally accepted and cherished symbol of wild glamour and untamed boldness, and from ramps to runways, and street style, they are literally everywhere. Feathers have emerged as the hottest thing in fashion, and it won’t be an understatement to say that feather is the new fur. Luxury designers like Channel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Oscar de la Renta and Alexis Mabille amongst others have incorporated feather hair and accessories into their collections with a magnificent aplomb.

Indeed, the feather extensions trend has emerged as a powerful symbol of bold uniqueness and a free-spirited charm that has undergone a contemporary revamping.

Natural Feathers

Natural feather extensions derived from exotic birds and roosters are undoubtedly the most covetable amongst other varieties, and they have a powerful appeal that outshines all other hair accessories and extensions. These delights will give your luscious mane a bold personality, and an authentic charm that will give your femininity a wild, free-spirited expression.

The Longer, the Hotter!

If you have been experimenting with feather extensions for a long time, you must be aware of the fact that longer feather extensions are much hotter and beautiful as compared to their shorter counterparts. You see, longer feather extensions allow you to experiment with more flexibility and freedom.

Even on days you don’t feel like putting in too much effort, you can create an alluring statement by simply tucking feather extensions behind your ears. Women with thick and long hair are strongly advised to invest in longer feather extensions so they can truly indulge in this trend!

Styling Does the Trick

It is important to understand that buying the most expensive set of feather extensions is not enough to make them look appealing, but in fact, styling is the aspect that can give your hair an alluring effect. It is important to place these feather extensions at a reasonable distance from your hairline to make sure they blend perfectly well with your natural hair and can be easily pulled up into ponytails and hair styles without those awful flyaways and messy feathers.