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Awesome Feathers – About Us

We have always had a keen interest in fashion, particularly jewellery and accessories. Early in the days of the emergence of this great fashion trend that originated in USA, I was keen to get my hands on these gorgeous feathers. we were able to get in touch with the largest and best farms (which are all in America) that produce these feathers. For those in the know, quality feather hair extensions are instantly recognisable, they are longer and sleeker than feathers from domestic roosters. We are dedicated to ensuring that we only supply the finest quality feathers.

We have a large inventory of stock so whatever your needs, you can be sure that we will always be able to meet them.

Awesome Feathers has a great customer base all over the world and repeat orders are a very big part of our business. We are committed to supplying the finest quality hair feathers there are.

We are based in the UK in north wales.

We are happy to advise on what you may need and what colours and products sells best.

Please contact us for advice or any questions.

This site is owned and run by David James Pugh

We are based in the UK in north wales.

contact email awesomefeathers@gmail.com