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Feather Hair Extensions and Styles to Flaunt Hair Feathers

Feather hair extensions are an exciting and powerful accessory to glam up your hair without having to undergo an expensive blow dry or expose your hair to damaging styling tools. These colorful and exquisite feather hair extensions will add a delightful blend of color to your natural hair texture, enveloping your aura with a gypsy-like charm that is beguiling.

We’ve compiled a list of lovely hairstyles that you can flaunt with feathers to glam up your black tie statements and your casual streetwear looks.

Here, take a look:

Tucked in the Strands

Here’s the ultimate bohemian statement to channel your wild inner goddess without looking like you tried too hard: rock a sensual hairdo of messy bedhead waves or even loose curls, with your feathers pinned in between the strands falling behind your shoulders. If you have layers or even bangs, you can always pin up your front strands to allow the colorful feathers to fall towards the front. This is a lovely inspiration that you can rock anywhere and everywhere, be it a sensual formal statement or a casual look for a date.

Intricate Braids with Loose Tumbles

Braids are one of the best hairstyles to rock at black tie events, especially weddings and engagement parties, and if you want to give your ensemble a bold bohemian makeover, feather hair extensions are your simplest bet. The idea is to create a crown of artful braids running from side to side, allowing the rest of your strands to tumble down your waist. You can pin up your feather hair extensions anywhere you’d like to add up color, for instance in the strands on your back or near the braided section so they can fall in the front.

French Braid

Feather hair extensions don’t always have to look good with open and wavy hair, you can rock these delights to add volume and beauty to your intricate French braids. It’s truly the best way to rock these extensions, entwine your hair in a tight French braid, and allow the extensions to dangle from the side. You can also add the feathers to the braid to create a mesmerizing texture with your natural hair color and the colorful extensions weaved into the braid.

Braided Updo

Another exciting idea to give a classic updo a funky makeover. All you have to do is braid up different sections of your hair, alongside the feather extensions, and then, pin it all up into a neat chignon. This colorful and sassy braided updo is perfect for a wide range of occasions, a wedding, a hot date or even a casual day at work!