100 Feather Hair Extensions



100 Feather hair extensions x 5 -11 inches

100% natural Metz or Whitings farms feathers (the best feathers you can buy anywhere) salon quality hair feathers.

The packs of feather hair extensions are available in a range of colours.  Including red, pink, purple, brown, green, orange, purple, yellow rainbow tye-dye and many more.

This 100 pack is a mix of all colours.

Feathers to suit all styles and hair colours.

Feather Hair Extensions come in various lengths: medium, long, and extra long hair feathers. Which can be washed, curled, and blow-dried just like your own hair.

And also will last for many months if taken care of properly.

Having been seen on many celebrities and also in tv reality shows, they will and do make a difference to your look.

Do you need bigger packs? check out our bulk loose hair feathers section.

Are you looking for extra long hair feathers? check out our extra long section.

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All the tools you will need are in the tools section.

One of the best ways to revamp your hair is by experimenting with textures, and with feather hair extensions you have a great deal to experiment with.

The idea behind investing in feather hair extensions is to give your hair a dramatic flair that attracts lots of attention.

These exotic feathers can also transform your everyday hairstyles and look

You do not need an account to buy from us, just buy them straight off the site.

Please be aware some sellers only sell synthetic feathers, these are mostly from Asia, China in particular. As a result, these cheap imitations do not look as good or behave in the same way as naturals

If you need help or have any questions please email us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

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