Feather Hair Extensions, Feather Extensions & Hair Feathers

For a decade or more we have been selling feather hair extensions to nearly all corners of the world.

feather hair extensions

We offer superior quality hair feathers, in a variety of colours including tye-dye, naturals, loose hair feathers and bonded hair feathers.

At Awesome Feathers, we offer worldwide shipping to almost all countries in the world.

We have a wide range of colours available, including pink, purple. blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and natural hair feathers.

Bold Colourful Hair Feathers

If you are looking for a bold colourful look why not try the tye dye? Since each feather extension is dyed with two or three colours, this is a great way to giving you a very bright colourful look.

For those looking for a less bold, and more stylish look, why not try our naturals? These are a mix of browns, cream, ginger, duns, black and white striped.

How long do they last? With care they can last up to 6 months or longer.

feather hair extensions

Where to buy them? You may ask.

Firstly ours are 100% natural A-grade metz or whitings feathers. At Awesome Feathers, you would be buying the best natural feather extensions available anywhere.

Please be aware some sellers only sell synthetic feathers, these are mostly from Asia, China in particular. As a result, these cheap imitations do not look as good or behave in the same way as naturals.

Applying Feather Hair Extensions

How do you put the feather hair extensions in? They are crimped in with a bead and pliers available in the tools section, why not take a look at the installation instructions on the site?

feather hair extensions

Above all with natural hair feathers, you can wash, curl, straightened, and finally, in addition, blow dry your feathers just like your own hair.

Therefore, if you are looking to change your look, check out the loose or bulk feathers sections?

Finally, if you own or manage a salon and are looking for something extra to sell to your clients, check out the bulk and special offers section.

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