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How Did Hair Feathers Emerge as a Popular Trend on the Fashion Radar?

Hair feathers emerged as a mainstream trend back in the late 70s, and over the years, they have enjoyed great popularity due to their unique charm and exotic appeal. Today, hair feathers are accepted as a contemporary and fashion forward trend, but earlier, they were introduced as part of the hippy culture and gypsy women were undoubtedly the inspiration that led to the inception of this trend.

Let’s map out the significance of hair feathers through the years, now shall we?

Roaring 70s & 80s

Hair feathers first emerged on the scene in the late 70s, and towards the early 80s, these delights were established as a raging bohemian trend that was identified as cool. Rock stars, movie stars, musicians, artists, designers and women from all over the world embraced this exotic tend for its alluring appeal and effortless charm. It exuded a powerful hippie vibe that is infectiously voguish, and soon became the hottest signature statement to rebel against societal standards of charm and elegance.

Hipster Movements

California’s hippy culture is synonymous with the exotic allure of hair feathers, and the bohemian hipster vibe is simply incomplete without these eclectic delights. Be it the bohemian charm of California, or the bold hippy vibes of LA’s Silverlake district, hair feathers have always dominated the fashion scene with their timeless charm. The bohemian hipster movement from 80s onwards was dominated by hair feathers, and from blondes and brunettes, to redheads, black haired women-basically everyone began experimenting with the charm of hair feathers.

Substitute for Highlights

Soon, exotic and colorful hair feathers emerged as a powerful, effortless and risk-free alternative to exposing your hair to damaging color treatments and harmful toxins. Ladies discovered that with hair feathers, they could rock a beautiful highlights-like effect without having to make any drastic changes to their hair. Colors like brown, beige, gold, reds, and blues became all the rage, and since these are so effortless to maintain, shampoo and style, the popularity of hair feathers continued to soar.

Festival Statement

Over the years, bohemian music festivals and beachside raves have become the new party trend and this trend is closely associated with gypsy movements and hippie cultures. Naturally, a bohemian festival statement is simply incomplete without entwining exotic hair feathers in one’s natural locks because it is the ultimate look to rock with tribal accents, and bohemian outfits. This is primarily why the trend of flaunting hair feathers has gained such astounding popularity in Los Angeles. The women and girls of LA have truly embraced it with unparalleled charm and grace!