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Feather Extensions and shopping for them:

Which is Best Suited for Your Tastes & Needs?

At Awesome Feathers, we have a wide range of feather extensions that cater to the diverse and unique demands of our customers. We believe in providing the quality, quantity and design that our clients seek, and hence, our products and product ranges are tailored to meet the needs of everyone.

Here, take a look at our offerings to see which feather extensions are best suited for your tastes and requirements:

Bonded Feather Hair Extensions

Our best-selling product that has created a frenzy amongst customers, the bonded feather hair extensions are everything a girl needs: easy to use, versatile, functional and convenient. Made with 4-6 salon quality bulk hair feathers, these beauties are bounded together using keratin.

The bonded feathers create a mesmerizing cascade of colorful feathers and rare textures, which add beauty and charm to your everyday hairstyles, whether you tie up your hair or let them tumble down. They are the perfect hair accessory that will delight you with versatility and charm for any given occasion.

Wholesale Feather Extensions

The perfect option for ladies who like to flaunt a wild and untamed statement with plenty of colourful and exotic feathers peeping out of their hairdo. Our wholesale feather extensions are designed for customers who persistently feel that more is always less, and cannot fight the urge to buy more.

These packs of 50 or more feather extensions feature rare and exquisite color palettes that will add beauty to your hair statements. The color palettes in this range are utterly mesmerizing, and you can even scoop up packs with multiple shades and colors.

Extra Long Hair Feathers

This is our token of love and care for the ladies who have lusciously long hair, and also those who simply want extra-long hair extensions for their unique hair statements. These extra-long feather extensions are available in exquisitely packaged packs containing 6, 30, or even 100 extensions. The length ranges from 26-38 cm, which makes up around 10-15 inches.

Loose Feather Hair Extensions

The loose feather hair extensions are highly suited for ladies who want to channel and intensely wild and unpretentious vibe with a head full of rare and exotic feathers. Created with 100% natural Metz or Whitings farms, the finest qualities available in the world, these salon quality hair feathers will delight you with their premium quality, longevity and durability against heating and curling tools.