Installation Instructions

Once you have your feather hair extensions you will be wondering...

How to Apply Hair Feathers

Its very simple. If you have bought your feathers from awesomefeathers simply follow the instructions below.

Or if you prefer clips, they are available in the tools section, which will allow you to put the bonded extensions  in and out as you please.


1. Select a bead that matches your hair color. For illustration purposes we have used a contrasting color.

threader for hair extensions

2. Slide the bead onto the threader.

thread hair through loop

3. Take a small section of hair and thread through the loop.

4. Gently pull the bead over the loop up the section of hair until it is close to the root.

insert the tip of the feather into the bead

5. Insert the tip of the feather(s) into the bead.

crimp securely with pliers

6. Crimp securely with pliers.

7. To remove, simply squeeze the bead in the opposite direction to release it.