Payment & Checkout

We are aware that most payment processors will not accept payments from older browsers now, so if you are using an older browser please update yours or use a friends device to check out. 


You will NOT need to open a paypal account even though you are on a paypal page you will checkout as a paypal guest.  


To pay with a debit or credit card..... when on our payment page click "submit my order" 

1) If the paypal guest card payment page appears fill in your details.... no paypal is account needed. 

2) If the page below appears then right at the bottom either click  "pay by card" or "create account"  click which ever option appears. 

Then fill in your card details, you will NOT need to actually open a paypal account  even if you clicked "create account" you will be checking out as a guest of paypal. 



If you would like to pay by a different method or bank transfer please contact me on the e mail address below. 


If you have any problems with Checking out or making a payment, please contact me by e mail. or by phone on +44 (0)799 058 6989 and i will help you ..


Thank you for shopping with us we appreciate your business. 

David pugh