Feather Hair Extensions

These beautiful hair feathers have been seen on many celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Miley Cyrus and many more as well as in hit TV shows Vampire Diaries and Made in Chelsea, and are selling fast.

 All our feathers  are 100% natural and genuine A grade metz / whitings feathers. THESE ARE THE BEST FEATHERS YOU CAN BUY ANYWHERE.

Feather Hair Extensions can be crimped into the hair with a bead (see installation instructions) then washed, curled, straightened, blow dried etc; they can be treated like your own hair.

We ship to anywhere in the world.

Loose Feather Packs »

Feather Hair Extensions

Packs of individual loose hair feathers,

These packs are great if you want to make up your own feather extensions. You or your client can wear the hair feathers individually to feather your hair or combine them as you choose.


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 Bonded feather Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

bonded feather hair extensions are made up of 4 - 6 feathers pre bonded together at the tips for ease of installation, they are ready to install and come nicely packaged, each pack includes crimping beads and a threader for ease of installation.

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Pre Packed Display Stands

Feather Hair Extensions

Pre Packed display stands are a superb choice and fit great on a counter and have a super mix of colors for you and your customers.

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Extra Long Feather Packs » 

Sold in packs of 2, 6 or 18 individual feathers, these super long hair feathers are all over 28cm (11") long (some are much longer) and sold loose (not bonded) but come beautifully packaged.

The packs of 2 are sold in one color and the packs of 6 are sold in carefully selected mixed color packs some slim and some wider feathers with a selection of grizzly and solid colors. You will also receive bright colors as well as natural's. use them individually or create one super feather hair extension, for you or your clients.

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Bulk Loose Feather Packs

Loose feathers

Bulk loose hair feathers for salons, hairdressers or individuals wishing to make their own feather hair extensions, the hair feathers are carefully selected to give you a great mix of colors - each pack contains a good mix of bright and natural colors with grizzly and solid feathers.

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Loose feathers

Feather earings.

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These stunning earings are available in 6. 30, 60, or 120 feathers per earing